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Hawaiian Big Island Adventures? Start Here!

Hawaii's Big Island Land Activities

Discover The Big Island of Hawaii Land Activities! This island is one of the largest and newest island of the Hawaiian Island. There is a wide range of selection of tours to pick from, like hiking thought supper hot lava flows and gas eruptions that spill from the Kilauea volcano.

Hawaii's Big Island Ocean Activities

Discover Big Island Land Activities!

Hawaii's Big Island Air Activities

Discover Big Island Land Activities!

Hawaii Big Island News

What Is A Wave Cloud?

The atmospheric internal waves that form wave clouds are created as stable air flows over a raised land feature such as a mountain range, and can form either directly above or in the lee of the feature. As an air mass travels through the wave, it undergoes repeated uplift and descent. If there is enough moisture in the atmosphere, clouds will form at the cooled crests of these waves. In the descending part of the wave, those clouds will evaporate due to adiabatic heating, leading to the characteristic clouded and clear bands. The cloud base on the leeward side is higher than on the windward side, because precipitation on the windward side removes water from the air. 

Donkeys on Hawaii's Big Island

Origin of the donkey dates a very long ways back in time. The date when this humble animal was first domesticated by man is not known, nor do we know just when the first donkey came to Hawaii. It may be that the Spaniards were responsible for its introduction here as in the western hemisphere. The first donkey bray heard in Hawaii may have come from one of the three who accompanied Richard Charlton, the first British Consul for Hawaii, to Honolulu in the fall of 1824.  

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Welcome To My Tour Hawaii

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